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COMING SOON:    The 2024 Legislative Scorecard. 

Work on the 2024 Legislative Scorecard is underway!  We have many new laws approved by the 2024 state legislature and signed by the governor.   The Legislative Scorecard will highlight the laws of most interest to the LWVWV and summarize how legislators voted.  Stay tuned!

LWVWV Legislative Scorecard 2023

Voter service is a principal mission for the League of Women Voters of West Virginia. In a new service to voters, LWVWV is publishing its first Legislative Scorecard for 2023.

Work to produce a Scorecard for 2024 is already underway. It will follow the same model as 2023.

The Scorecard has been assembled in pieces for you to scroll through or select your individual legislators to see how they voted.

Before the start of each legislative session, LWVWV adopts a set of legislative priorities.  Bills that fall within these priorities tend to be the ones we follow most closely during the legislative session and were an obvious focus for this scorecard.

Contents of LWVWV Legislative Scorecard, 2023

Priority Area

Number of bills

Strengthening Democracy


Safeguarding Equal Rights


Protecting Children & Families


Creating a Sustainable Future


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