Voter Registration Guidelines

As a League of Women Voters member do not hand out any campaign literature or wear buttons in association with a candidate or party. You may wear an ID from the League.

After registering the voters, return the cards to the Voter Registration office in the courthouse.

VOTERS ARE eligible to vote in West Virginia if they are

  • Residents of WV and the county where they are registering. College students may register in the county where they go to college.
  • Citizens of the United States
  • At least 18 years old by the November General Election.
  • Not currently under conviction for a felony, including probation or parole, or a court ruling of mental incompetence. (Voting rights are restored when the term of conviction ends.) 

when registering on the post card, Be sure the Voters understand and comply with the following

  • Sign their names in ink in the Voter Registration Signature Box. Before they sign the registration card, be sure that the voter agrees with all of the statements in the lower left hand corner, box 10 in older cards, box 12 in newer cards.
  • Use their home address and indicate the NAME of the road they live on.  PO Box is listed too, for the mailing address, but the Voters Registration Office needs the name of the road to place them in the proper precinct.
  • Voters who are students may use their campus address if voting in the county where their college or university is located. Or they may register at their home address and vote an absentee ballot or vote during the early voting period if they can not be at home on election day.
  • Fill out all the boxes, NOT shaded.
  • Bring along ID when they go to vote the first time after registering by postcard.
  • ID Accepted – only one is needed. Drivers License, State Issued ID, Utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government check or document with name and current address on it, Veterans ID.  See be ready at the wvsos website for additional information.
  • If they do not receive a notice in the mail within two or three weeks, they should contact the County’s voter registration office to see if there is a problem. The county clerk is required to mail them a notice at the address they gave, but if the notice is returned to the county clerk undeliverable at that address, the clerk can not legally issue them a voter registration card
  • Voters who do not register in a party — In the Primary election they may ask for a party ballot. The poll workers will not offer the ballot.


Voters may also register to vote in the courthouse’s Voter Registration Office; driver license, marriage license, and military recruiting offices; public assistance agencies; and agencies that serve people with disabilities.

Prepared by the League of Women Voters of West Virginia