State Studies


The League of Women Voters of West Virginia is a nonpartisan organization dedicated
to promoting political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in
government. Although the League does not support or oppose candidates or political
parties, it does study and take action on government issues selected by its members.

When an issue is selected by League members to become part of its program, a study
is undertaken to present factual information and a variety of opinions related to the
particular issue. League members then discuss questions relating to the issue and, if there is
substantial agreement among the members, a consensus is reached upon which the League
may take action. Each item on the current League program reflects a number of studies on
various facets of the issue
. Action on positions takes the form of support or opposition to:
legislation, litigation, ballot issues, and implementation of positions by various agencies
and departments of the executive branch of government. The League also provides the
public with information on its positions and seeks public support for them.

The LWVWV may handle studies by concurrence when:

  1. A local League, through the established program-making process, recommends state
    concurrence with a local position.
  2. The State Board determines that the study item is very short, clear, and/or limited in
  3. The study involves updating of existing positions.
  4. The State Board determines it has received insufficient local League response to a
    particular consensus study. It may then compile a consensus statement based upon
    responses received and offer Leagues which did not participate, an opportunity to
    concur with that statement.

You can read our concurrence policy here:

Our most recent 2021 policy developed from a concurrence can be found on page 25 of League Issues in WV . We updated our position for Voter Representation/Electoral Systems to support ranked choice voting.

Our most recent state study was in 2014. The study files distributed to local Leagues around the State, and the steps required are shown below :

A Study of Public Library Financing in WV (2014)


doc icon Study of Public Library Financing in WV

WV Library Financing Slides

  1. Appoint a local committee to read the material, and gather any additional information they care to.  You could consider interviewing library staffs and ask how they are funded.  Please note footnote #7 in A Study of Public Library Financing in WV, which leads to an important report by the WV Library Commission.
  2. At a meeting of the whole league, the committee presents the material and leads discussion to answer the attached questions. 
  3. League consensus is not a simple majority, nor is it unanimity; rather it is the overall sense of the group as expressed through the exchange of ideas and opinions.  Only members may vote.
  4. Fill out the question sheet and mail it to study chairman Carolyn Watson before October 15.
  5. The state board will analyze the questionnaires at its November meeting and determine whether there is consensus.  No prior announcement may be made locally.