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A Study of Public Library Financing in WV (2014)

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doc icon Study of Public Library Financing in WV

WV Library Financing Slides


  1. Appoint a local committee to read the material, and gather any additional information they care to.  You could consider interviewing library staffs and ask how they are funded.  Please note footnote #7 in A Study of Public Library Financing in WV, which leads to an important report by the WV Library Commission.
  2. At a meeting of the whole league, the committee presents the material and leads discussion to answer the attached questions. 
  3. League consensus is not a simple majority, nor is it unanimity; rather it is the overall sense of the group as expressed through the exchange of ideas and opinions.  Only members may vote.
  4. Fill out the question sheet and mail it to study chairman Carolyn Watson before October 15.
  5. The state board will analyze the questionnaires at its November meeting and determine whether there is consensus.  No prior announcement may be made locally.


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