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In this year’s elections, secret money ran rampant.  Corporations and unions were able to spend unlimited amounts, without having to disclose their expenditures, to support or oppose candidates.  If we’re going to scrub our democracy clean with a strong dose of transparency that eliminates this kind of spending in our elections then we need action before Congress calls it quits for 2010.

Take action to send a critically important message to your Senators.

There is a small window of time for Congress to pass the DISCLOSE Act in its “lame-duck” session that ends in just a few weeks.  We, as concerned citizens, must take action to protect future elections. The DISCLOSE Act would empower voters by forcing groups bankrolled by anonymous donors to disclose the sources of their funding and their political spending.

Secret money has no place in our democracy.


1. Contact your Senators now and tell them to support the DISCLOSE Act.

2. Send this alert to other concerned citizens – your grassroots network, your friends, neighbors and coworkers. Encourage them to contact their Senators today!


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