Comment on proposed EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Air Pollution Rules

To: Air Quality Office of the US EPA
From:League of Women Voters of West Virginia
Re: EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Air Pollution Rules, proposed

The League of Women Voters of West Virginia applauds the US EPA for issuing regulations on air emissions from fracking to drill for natural gas and oil. At present West Virginia residents are among those bearing the brunt of increased air pollution from fracking to produce natural gas from the Marcellus Shale.

We recognize the economic benefits from gas well drilling, but these benefits should not be at the expense of the health of our people. Regulation of VOCs and air toxics is necessary to protect our citizens’ health.

In addition the release of methane from gas wells contributes to the warming of the planet so we strongly support measures to eliminate fugitive methane releases.

We also support requiring existing wells be covered by the same air pollution regulations.

We are impressed with the proposed savings to the industry when they install the necessary measures to meet the requirements of the regulations.

Thank you for your efforts to improve the public health of residents in fracking/drilling areas.