Lobby as a Citizen for Strong Shale Gas Rules and Legislation! Free support!

The WV Legislature 2013 Regular Session is open.  Please remind your representatives that we have not forgotten that the Horizontal Well Act still has many problems, and needs to be strengthened.

For many of us, Charleston is far away, but that should not deter us from contacting our representatives by phone, mail, or email.

However, if you do decide to go to Charleston to lobby in person, Chuck Wyrostock, Outreach Coordinator for the WVSC is happy to provide you free support and this is his advice,

Visiting the capitol might seem a bit daunting at first, but I’ll be there along with other environmental lobbyists to help you navigate the halls to meet with your representatives.  We must make them understand that we’re facing a life-changing scenario in our hills and hollows.  And there’s nothing like a personal visit from constituents to put across the idea that current regulations for drilling are woefully inadequate.  

On December 1, 2012,  the State Board of the West Virginia League of Women Voters voted unanimously in favor of signing on to the “Call for a Moratorium on New Permits for Natural Gas Wells”.  We agree with Chuck Wyrostock when he says  “Most legislators think they’ve done their best with Marcellus.  They don’t want to hear anymore about the gaping holes in the law or the dysfunction in the DEP”, but “it is incomprehensible how they can keep giving permission to drill, drill, drill when there’s virtually no inspection, no enforcement and no accountability.”

How to get free lobbying support from Chuck Wyrostock:

Call ahead and make an appointment with your representatives.  This could avoid disappointment and wasted time. 

Email or Call Chuck at 877 252 0257 to make arrangements. 

Call Chuck’s cell phone at 304 545 6325 when you arrive at the capitol so we can hook up.

To stay informed about Shale Gas legislation and related news, please ask Chuck to add you to his mailing list.