TAKE ACTION – PSC Harrison power plant transfer case

The State board of LWVWV wants League members around the state to take action concerning PSC Case No. 12-1571.  The hearing will run from this Wednesday, May 29 to May 31, and can be watched live by webcast on each day beginning at 9:30 a.m:

The League of Women Voters of West Virginia opposes Mon Power and Potomac Edison’s proposed purchase of 80% of the Harrison power plant. Customers should not be forced to pay for a  purchase that will raise the costs of their electricity. Furthermore the purchase of the Harrison power plant would lock in costs for many generations so that better alternatives would be precluded.

Rather than paying for the high costs of the Harrison power plant, Mon Power and Potomac Edison could bid for cheaper power from other sources and install more energy efficiency into its production. Also they could lessen demand by aiding customers in energy efficiency means as many power companies have done. All would result in smaller energy costs to ratepayers.

The State Board is a member of Energy Efficient West Virginia.  Please learn about the background of this case and about different ways to take action at the website:

1. Sign a petition
2. Write a letter online to PSC Executive Secretary, Sandra Squire.
3. Submit a letter to the editor of your local paper.
4. Come to the public hearing: May 29th at 9:30am at the Public Service Commission (201 Brooks St., Charleston, WV).  There will be vans leaving from Morgantown WalMart off of I-68 at 6:00 a.m. on the 29th.   Contact Daniel Chiotos <> or call 304-886-3389 to reserve a spot.


Jonathan Rosenbaum
President of LWV of Morgantown-Monongalia County

Electoral Disfunction

Watch “Electoral Disfunction” with the League of Women Voters.

LWV Huntington Area May 2013 bulletin

Everyone is invited to attend the May 20 meeting with Cabell County Legislators.

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April-May 2013 Morgantown Newsletter

Annual Meeting: Evening Dessert and Special Speaker

Our Annual Meeting this year will begin with an evening dessert and special speaker, followed by the business meeting. We have reserved the lodge at Dorsey’s Knob for the event, which will begin May 15 at 6:30 p.m. Guests are welcome! 

Jim Hunt

Our special speaker will be James C. Hunt, who was one of the speakers at our recent Local Government workshop/forum in March. His topic, “From Great to Amazing” will cover how cities deal with growth, revitalization and challenges.  (It is also the title of his new book which will be coming out at the end of the year.) We hope all of you will invite friends to what should be a very stimulating talk. We will ask attendees for a suggested contribution of $5 to help pay for expenses. If you have a special dessert you would like to bring (such as rhubarb pie, strawberry shortcake, fresh fruit or meringues), please call Shirley Rosenbaum at 599-2370.

The dessert and presentation will be followed by our annual business meeting with election of board members, adoption of the budget, and consideration of program items for 2013-2014. The budget and proposed program are in this newsletter. 

Local League Successes

 We had a very stimulating Local Government Committee meeting at the Aull Center in March, with about 40 people attending. Almost 100 people came to our City Council Candidate Forum in April. We appreciate everyone who contributed time and effort in organizing these events, as well as those who brought the delicious refreshments.

We have received a letter from the President of the LWV-US, congratulating our league for increasing its membership by 40% in 2012. We grew from 40 to 56 members! Many thanks to our Membership Chair, Shirley Rosenbaum, and all those who helped!

Complete Streets Bill Approved

League Transportation Committee Chair, Jonathan Rosenbaum, is delighted to announce that the Complete Streets Act (SB158) was approved by the Governor on April 19!   We thank Senator Bob Beach of Monongalia County for being the lead sponsor of the bill.

Annual Meeting Schedule

6:00-6:30 Set up desserts; gathering, pay dues

6:30-7:00 Enjoy sampling desserts

7:00-8:00 Jim Hunt talk and Q&A period

8:00-9:00 Business meeting

Business Meeting
Treasurer’s Report
Adoption of Budget
Nominating Committee Report
Election of Officers and Board Members
Discussion and adoption of Program for 2013-14 (below)

LWV Morgantown-Monongalia County
Proposed 2013-2014 Local Program

1. Local Government:
Study of County Government, including:
a. Laws concerning the number of County Commissioners, their responsibilities and authority.
b. Taxation, revenues and budget disbursements.

2. Planning: Action to promote orderly development in Monongalia County and monitor the work of the Monongalia County Planning Commission.

3. Transportation:
a. Monitor and take action where needed with regard to improving traffic conditions, including pedestrian and cyclist safety.
b. Monitor the implementation of the Complete Streets legislation so that the design of our transportation system can be inclusive of all forms of transportation.

4. Voters Service: Continue to advocate for open access to registration and voting.

5. Natural Resources:
a. Study water quality in the Monongahela River including Morgantown Utility Board and Department of Natural Resources testing and their relation to Marcellus Shale gas extraction processes and coal mining.
b. Study current state regulation of Marcellus Shale gas extraction. Work with legislators to amend the Marcellus legislation with regard to those issues that still need regulation.
c. Study current municipal and county ordinances related to extractive industries. Work with local officials to ensure that the strongest ordinances possible are promulgated to protect the health and safety of citizens.

6. Social Justice: Explore “Jobs with Justice” principles.

Consensus Positions

Local Government
The LWVMMC favors the adoption and implementation of comprehensive plans for Morgantown and Monongalia County: meaning a comprehensive plan or any of its parts such as a comprehensive plan of land use, or thoroughfares; of water and sanitation; or recreation and other related matters; and including such ordinances as may be deemed necessary to implement such complete comprehensive plans or parts thereof, with provision for such regulations as deemed necessary. (September, 1969; reworded November 1973)

Land Use (Natural Resources):
Support the implementation of planning in Morgantown and Monongalia County.

Also in this edition, proposed budget, special request from the Dominion Post, our newest members and how to become a League Member.

Mark your Calendars!

May 15 Annual Meeting at Dorsey’s Knob!

Morgantown-Monongalia Newsletter April-May 2013