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September-October 2013 Morgantown Newsletter

Farmers Market Table September 28

On Saturday, September 28, the local League will have an information table at the Farmers Market in downtown Morgantown from 8:30-12. We will inform people about the League and, in conjunction with National Voter Registration Day, we will have voter registration forms available. Contact Board member Gloria Sofranko at or call her at 703-389-1103 if you would like to help.

Membership Meeting: October 16

Our Fall Membership Meeting will be held Wednesday, October 16, 7-9 pm at the Aull Center (Historic Garlow House) 351 Spruce Street. We will have as our special guest Sharon Turner, Director of the Morgantown Public Library. She will be speaking on the funding of the library system. Since both the County Commission and City Council recently cut funding to the library, the issue is important locally. Other issues that may be covered are: changes in the library stemming from e-books and other technology advances, accommodating the homeless population, and promoting the library and its services.

At the State League Convention in May it was decided to have a State League study of funding for WV Public libraries. Earlier this year the State Supreme Court overturned a 1957 state law which required nine county school systems in West Virginia to turn over a portion of their budget to help fund their local public libraries.

 Information gathered at our membership meeting will help with the State study. We encourage members to come, bring a friend, enjoy refreshments and learn about our public library as well as the committees in our League which are available for members to join.

Meeting on County Government November 6

There will be a public meeting on County Government on November 6, 7-9 pm at the new Sheriff’s Department building on Beechurst Avenue. Topics may include: mission, budget and taxes, number of commissioners, zoning, meeting time of the commission, media coverage of meetings, collaboration with municipalities, and county boards and commissions. Don Spencer will create a quiz (with answers) to get us started. (Parking is available in the parking garage on Beechurst).

During our May Annual Meeting, one of our newest members, Bill Kawecki, suggested that we acquire the ability to receive credit cards at meetings since there is now technology that makes this easy for organizations.  This capability is now here!  Along with the ability to pay/donate online with your credit card or PayPal account at , you may now easily swipe your physical credit card at our meetings on a device known as PayPal Here!


The League has sent a letter to the Energy Corporation of America opposing a possible injection well for hydraulic fracturing waste water in Preston County. The company is exploring a site 500 feet from the entrance to the Deckers Creek trail outside of Masontown, WV. The Friends of Deckers Creek are publicizing information on the dangers to Deckers Creek if such a well were allowed at that site.

Go to the League website for information from FODC, as well as our letter from the League Board. We encourage you to write your own letter to the company if you are so moved.


 The 2013 Guide for local city, county, state, and federal officials was completed in July this year, and is available online for the first time, at our LWVWV website . Guides will also be on hand at the Membership meeting – be sure to pick up a copy.

Also in this edition, Report on the Annual Meeting, our newest members, how to become a League Member, and Newsletter Editor wanted.

LWV Newsletter September-October 2013

Wood County Voter September 2013

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Letter of opposition to Deckers Creek Injection Well

September 18, 2013

Mr. Donald Supcoe
Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Energy Corporation of America
501 56th Street Charleston, WV 25304

Dear Mr. Supcoe:

I am writing for the Board of the League of Women Voters of Morgantown-Monongalia to give you our reasons for being against the installation of an ECA Class II wastewater injection well near Masontown, WV and near Deckers Creek.

We have read the letter written to you on July 30 2013 by Elizabeth Wiles of Friends of Deckers Creek.

We have studied her materials and arguments, and seen maps and pictures of the location of your possible installation. We are concerned for two main reasons.

First, Deckers Creek is in the watershed of the Monongahela River. This is of great concern to those of us in Morgantown and Monongalia County, since the Monongahela is the source of our drinking water as well as important for recreation. Clean water, and therefore a clean watershed,is a goal of the League of Women Voters.

We have been studying hydraulic fracturing and the fluids used in, and retrieved from, the process.
We have also learned about the mishaps in hydraulic fracturing nationwide. Accidents happen, seepage happens, leaking happens. Having the possibility of accidents and the leaking of this hazardous water into Deckers Creek would endanger the water quality of the watershed.

Second, Deckers Creek and the Deckers Creek trail are a relatively new and wonderful recreation area. Many people from Monongalia County have been walking, running and biking on the trail for many years. The 8 million dollars spent on restoring the water in the creek, and the additional funding for the building of the trail , are a public investment that is treasured by the people. Having large trucks and the noise of an industrial site near the trail and the threat of undoing the reclaiming of the creek will jeopardize the beauty of all that has been done.

WE FEEL THAT THE INJECTION WELL WOULD BE TOO CLOSE TO DECKERS CREEK AND THE DECKERS CREEK TRAIL. If West Virginia is to promote hydraulic fracturing for gas, then companies must be extra careful to protect the water and all public recreation sites.

We oppose the development of an injection well at this site.



Catherine Lozier, Chair of Natural Resources Committee
League of Women Voters of Morgantown-Monongalia County

Reference:  FODC_Cover_Letter_and_Opposition_Letter_to_ECA_well

Huntington’s September 2013 bulletin

The History of Barboursville is the subject of the upcoming League meeting, 9/16, at the Beverly Hills Presbterian Church.

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