Voters Guide Primary 2016 Treasurer

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Voters Guide State Treasurer May 10, 2016 Primary Election

This candidate information is brought to you by the League of Women Voters of West Virginia as a public service. Candidate responses are printed exactly as received, including spelling, grammar and content. Candidates’ responses were limited to 60 words.

Candidates for State Treasurer

Democratic Candidate for State Treasurer

Candidate: John D. Perdue

County of Residence:

Party: Democrat

Candidate did not reply.


Republican Candidates for State Treasurer

Candidate: Larry W. Faircloth

County of Residence:

Party: Republican

Candidate did not reply.


Candidate: Ann Urling

County of Residence: Kanawha

Party: Republican



After a successful 30 year career in banking I am honored to have been recruited to run for WV

State Treasurer. I am from Harrison County and a graduate of WVU. I am currently the Senior

Vice President of Summit Community Bank and an active board member of The Childhood

Language Center and The Rea of Hope and live in


  1. As treasurer, what steps would you suggest to improve the state’s financial situation?I would work with other members of the board of public works in a cooperative manner with a commitment in the Treasurers’ office on modernization,efficiency and transparency. Identifying areas where unnecessary expenses can be eliminated and revenues maximized while also streamlining operations. Greater transparency could be achieved through the use of an online portal similar to the State of Ohio.


  2. What experience, training or education do you have that makes you the best qualified candidate for this office?After almost 30 years of professional banking and management, I have a proven record of budgetary experience and a keen working knowledge in all areas of financial accounting and

    banking. The State Treasurer is the State’s Chief Financial Officer. It makes sense to have an

    experienced, energetic banking professional with team work and leadership mastery to serve in

    this role.