Legislative Priorities – 2019

The League of Women Voters of West Virginia has adopted the following issues as its legislative priorities for the 2019 session of the West Virginia Legislature. We hope you will support measures that advance these goals


The League of Women Voters of West Virginia:

  • Supports maintaining West Virginia’s water standards to reflect EPA recommended human health criteria.
  • Supports strengthening disclosure requirements for the sources of political campaign expenditures, including dark money.
  • Supports establishment of an independent commission to draw up redistricting plans for representatives to the US House of Representatives and the WV Legislature.
  • Supports measures that encourage investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency in West Virginia’s homes, businesses, and industries.
  • Supports maintaining expanded Medicaid coverage for the hundreds of thousands of West Virginians who rely on it for health care.

In keeping with its goal of encouraging participation by citizens in their government, the League will continue to monitor election laws and oppose measures which limit access to voting.

Our members will be following action on these and other issues during the 2019 session. We appreciate your willingness to undertake public service and work toward our shared goal of creating a better West Virginia for all of its citizens.


Jonathan Rosenbaum, President