(Updated – Feb. 26) Feb. 19 Event Video, Materials & Info – Democracy and Social Justice Forum


Event Materials

Meeting materials from our Saturday, 19, 2022, Democracy and Social Justice Forum: (Updated Feb. 26) Democracy – Election Bills Summary (Slides) (Updated Feb. 26) Democracy – Election Bills Detail Social Justice – Bills Impacting Social Justice (Slides) (Updated Feb. 26) WV Crown Act (Kimberely Crockett) & Legislative Issues Review (Judy Ball) Hosted by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority  

Event Information

You are invited to a forum hosted by the League of Women Voters of West Virginia. Please mark your calendars. Subject: Democracy and Social Justice Bills before the WV Legislature When: Saturday, February 19, 10:30 am What: This is a 45 minute virtual forum for League members, guests and the public, which will provide an overview about bills concerning Election and Social Justice in the Legislature. The audience is encouraged to ask questions following the presentations. Why: Democracy and Social Justice are two of our three priorities selected for action and education. Our intent is to promote ACTION while there is still time. Location: Spread the word. Zoom link – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81726695353?pwd=V2dGNEtNd0dRNWt1U2tNek5JaU5xdz09 Our Speakers: Democracy: Judy K Ball, State League Elections Chair The League’s focus on Democracy includes voting rights, election reform, and redistricting. Congress has failed to enact Federal protections for voting rights, despite months of effort and advocacy. Recognizing that, the League has turned its attention to bills introduced in the 2022 session of the WV Legislature. Social Justice: Kimberley Crockett, Jefferson County League and Delta Sigma Theta The League is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion because, to succeed in the 21st Century, West Virginia must be welcoming for all. Kim is an attorney who is well versed on the bills currently before the legislature. These bills include the Crown Act, Human Rights Commission, and reproductive health. In recent years, lawmakers have declined to strengthen the state’s civil rights code to prohibit hair discrimination and protect members of the LGBTQ+ community from discrimination in employment and housing. They have also continued their assault on the reproductive freedom of West Virginians. In League, LWVWV