We MADE Some Noise! HB 4675 Pulled from Committee Agenda

THANK YOU to everyone who contacted state legislators to oppose HB 4675, mandating photo ID to vote. The bill was taken off the agenda for the House Judiciary Committee meeting agenda on Wednesday. That’s good news, but it could be taken up at a future meeting.
In the meantime, the Judiciary Committee has yet to consider on HB 4593 (the subject of our first action alert), which would require WV First Foundation, the body responsible for disbursing opioid settlement funds, to be subject to the requirements of the Open Governmental Proceedings Act and the Freedom of Information Act. The foundation has been criticized for a lack of transparency. HB 4593 seeks to change that and cleared its first hurdle in the Legislature last week  when it was approved by the House Health Committee.
So if you haven’t already, Make Some Noise. Contact members of the House Judiciary Committee and your legislators. Urge them to support HB 4593!
As the Legislature continues to meet, we will keep you informed of all legislation that needs the involvement of LWVWV members.