MAKE SOME NOISE! Oppose SB 601 and SB 614

The 60-day Legislative session is about to end but the House will vote on two bills tomorrow (Friday) that need your attention!! Please OPPOSE:
SB 601 is named the WV Women’s Bill of Rights, but it has nothing to do with strengthening the rights of women in areas like education, employment, or reproductive health. Instead, it takes away rights. SB 601 would limit the definition of sex to sex assigned at birth (only two options) and eliminate recognition of gender identity that differs from sex assigned at birth. Passed by Senate Feb 28.
SB 614 authorizes teachers to remove and/or suspend elementary school children for certain behaviors and permits involvement of law enforcement. LWVWV supports evidence-based counseling and intervention for students with behavior problems, but many school districts in WV cannot provide these supports. SB 614 does not include any funding for school districts to provide behavioral support. Instead, it allows the removal and suspension of children at the teachers’ discretion. Passed by Senate Feb 12.
MAKE SOME NOISE and contact your Delegates and urge them to oppose SB 601 and SB 614.