Author: Jonathan Rosenbaum

  • The Fight for Women’s Equality, It’s Not Over!

    In honor of our LWVWV 2023 convention theme, ‘The Fight for Women’s Equality, It’s Not Over!’, we asked historian, author and activist Elisabeth Griffith to join us as guest speaker.  We are very grateful that she accepted our invitation. Elisabeth’s knowledge and experience in the struggle for women’s rights are sure to illuminate and inspire! We […]

  • WV Climate Time Capsule – Add Your Voice @ Marshall University Event!

    A WV Climate Time Capsule   The WV Climate Time Capsule began as a contributing activity by the League of Women Voters of WV to a climate rally sponsored by the WV Climate Alliance in October of 2021. The contents contain contributions from multiple organizations, research on alternative energy technologies, articles that document current events that are […]

  • (Updated – Feb. 26) Feb. 19 Event Video, Materials & Info – Democracy and Social Justice Forum

    Video Event Materials Meeting materials from our Saturday, 19, 2022, Democracy and Social Justice Forum: (Updated Feb. 26) Democracy – Election Bills Summary (Slides) (Updated Feb. 26) Democracy – Election Bills Detail Social Justice – Bills Impacting Social Justice (Slides) (Updated Feb. 26) WV Crown Act (Kimberely Crockett) & Legislative Issues Review (Judy Ball) Hosted […]