Author: Shirley Rosenbaum

  • Climate Change and Biological Diversity

    Thomas E. Lovejoy, a conservation biologist, presented a lecture on climate change in January at the West Virginia University College of Law. Lovejoy explored the past and present impacts of climate change on nature and biodiversity as well as how managing ecosystems could reduce the amount of climate change that will occur. In 2012, Lovejoy […]

  • Shirley Rosenbaum’s Story

    I joined the LWV when I first arrived in Morgantown with a one-year old baby. I learned that there was a monthly morning meeting with baby-sitting services. Attending this morning meeting was a pleasant experience. My baby was taken care of and I could get involved with other members interested in local issues in our […]

  • Pittsburgh Bans Natural Gas Drilling

    Adopts first-in-the-nation ordinance – elevates the right of the community to decide, not corporations