Scorecard Overview

LWVWV Legislative Scorecard 2024


Before the start of each legislative session, LWVWV adopts a set of legislative priorities.  Bills that fall within these priorities tend to be the ones we follow most closely during the legislative session.  Those priorities were the starting point for this scorecard.

During the 2024 Regular Session, 2,575 bills were introduced for consideration by the Legislature.  When the 2024 Regular Session ended, the Legislature had passed 279 bills that became law.  But that is too much for any voter to consume and bills vary in importance.

To construct this Scorecard, we reviewed all 279 bills to select the ones that fit into the four legislative priority areas for the LWVWV and the ones that were most substantive in terms of content.  From the 279, we selected 26 bills without regard to their sponsors or which legislators voted for or against them.

These 26 bills do not provide a complete or representative view of any legislator’s work product.  The focus was LWVWV priorities.  Voters who disagree with those priorities may still find the Scorecard useful because each bill is presented with full transparency.  Whether the League supported or opposed each bill is clearly noted.  For more information, every bill is linked to its legislative history on the WV Legislature website.

Summarizes the content of each bill.
Color-coded to show LWVWV support (green) or opposition (pink).
Tallies votes for each Legislator for each bill. 
Searchable for individual Legislators by name or district.  Votes are color-coded for agreement/disagreement with LWVWV positions.
Summarizes votes within priority area for each Legislator, including absences. 
Searchable for individual Legislators by name or district.