Giovanna Deveny’s Story

Giovanna Deveny, Huntington Area League, shares her League story:

As I lay in a hospital bed after the delivery of our seventh child (of nine), listening to the new President’s inauguration speech, I began to think. His words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” would not leave my mind. When my husband came at evening visitation, I shared the experience with him, adding that we must get involved. His comment: “You do whatever you feel you need to and I will support you.”

I had recently attended a community meeting where LWV presentations had presented the pros and cons of ballot issues. Something clicked in my mind. Here was where I could make a difference — the League studied issues, presented programs and provided non-partisan information to the public. What better way to “do something for my country?” My precious moments spent doing League study would be magnified many times as the information circulated through the public.

I know that the education skill set developed through the League equaled or surpassed any college degree that I earned subsequent to joining the League.

I joined the League over fifty years ago. At various times, I have served as secretary; Chair of Education, Immigration Committees; and as President of the Sarasota County, Florida LWV.

Thank you League of Women Voters for the profound influence that you have had on my life.
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