May 2012 Primary US House of Representatives, 1st District

Voters Guide May 8, 2012 West Virginia Primary Election

Democratic Candidate for US House of Representatives, First District



PARTY Democratic

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: I graduated from Wheeling Jesuit University in organizational leadership development. After working in economic development, I became the director in a congregation-centered organizing project, tasked with bringing together diverse congregations on social justice issues. I recently organized throughout WV’s 1st District on national issues for the Democratic National Committee.

QUESTION 1. What should be done to control mounting Medicare costs?

ANSWER: Medicare’s prescription drug costs are out of control because Medicare is not allowed to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies. Medicare, the largest purchaser of prescription drugs in the US, should negotiate prices, as does the Veterans Administration. Encouraging preventative care and prosecuting fraud will also cut Medicare costs.

QUESTION 2. What programs are you willing to cut or eliminate in order to reduce the federal deficit?

ANSWER: The Defense Department, the federal budget’s second largest component, has the lowest rate of bidded contracts; furthermore, no-bid contracts have nearly tripled over the last 10 years. We must eliminate the influence corporate profits have, not only in our contracts and purchases, but also in the military actions we pursue.

Republican Candidate for US House of Representatives, First District

CANDIDATE David B. McKinley


PARTY Republican

Candidate did not reply

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