Support EPA’s Proposal to Limit Industrial Carbon Pollution

For the first time ever, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could put limits on the industrial carbon pollution that fuels global warming, makes smog worse and threatens the health of children and the elderly — and you can help make it happen.

Support the EPA’s historic standard to limit carbon pollution.

The EPA has taken an important first step by proposing a new standard to limit carbon pollution from new power plants. The agency is now receiving public comments on the proposal and we must add our voice in support.

You can bet that corporate polluters are already doing everything they can to block these important health protections. Members of the environmental and health communities are already voicing their support, and we must add the trusted League voice to theirs.

Add your voice! Tell the EPA that you support strong protections against industrial carbon pollution.

The EPA’s proposal sets a performance standard that will ensure new power plants limit their pollution. But this is just a down payment. Existing coal-fired power plants account for the largest chunk of carbon dioxide pollution emitted by stationary sources in the US, which is roughly on a par with the carbon dioxide pollution emitted by the entire transportation sector.

We need to build strong support for the EPA’s proposal on new plants to ensure that there will be political support for taking the next step — controlling carbon pollution from existing power plants!

Send a powerful message to let the EPA know you want them to support people not polluters. Your comment will be delivered with those of thousands of League members and supporters across the country.

Submit a comment to the EPA today!