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Huntington League’s April 2013 bulletin

Join us for a sustainable house tour. RSVP.

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2 comments to Huntington League’s April 2013 bulletin

  • Ms Terry m Reasoner

    I am interested in joining WVLWV and understand that there is presently no group here in Charleston, WV. Could you please send me information on how or if I may become a member?
    Thank You.

    Ms. Terry M Reasoner

  • Jonathan Rosenbaum

    Hi Terry, if you go to and scroll down, you will find contact information for the President (Helen Gibbins) and Treasurer (Anne Speer), either of these folk would be interested in sending you more information about becoming a Huntington League member, alternatively, you may want to consider becoming a MAL and to register with Teresa Koon. It would be great if the Charleston League can reform one of these days. Thank-you for your interest!

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