What D’ya Know … About City Government?

Below is the complete workshop with links to all the documents and presentations from the March 13, 2013 Morgantown Local Government event!   This was the first of two workshops, the second being the What D’ya Know … About County Government?  workshop.

League of Women Voters – Morgantown/Monongalia County

Workshop #1 on Local Government: “What d’ ya know –

About Morgantown City Government” 

March 13, 2013 – Location: Aull House, 7-9 p.m.

Purpose of Workshops on Local Government: To provide for League members and other interested persons an opportunity to update their awareness of the operations of our local government, and consider pertinent current issues relating to both City and County government.

Goal: To increase informed and active participation in local government.

Proposed Plan: Organize two hour sessions (7-9 p.m.):

Relating to Our Local Governments: Part I (in March) and Part II (in fall)

Outline of Workshop #1 – Morgantown City Government:

  1. What d’ ya know?” – A distribution of a multiple choice “pre-test” which people can take while others are arriving, perhaps take home, and then correct themselves
  1. Welcome and Orientation to evening — Lyndell Millecchia
  1. Grab a “stool” and let’s talk together about how things operate around here! – A session on the components of Morgantown City Government, some related question and issues (blue sheet) — Don Spencer
  1. Three Issues for the Docket” – A Panel Presentation

City Manager/Council Form of Government — Margaret Stout

A Downtown for All — Jim Hunt

Home Rule — Don Spencer

  1. More Issues on Our Minds” – Brainstorming a list of other issues important to local municipal governments – w/ identifications of what government entity(ies) needs to be involved in addressing the issue
  1. Adjournment of Meeting and Opening Reception