Morgantown-Monongalia Annual Meeting results and photos

Jonathan Rosenbaum

This year’s Annual meeting was another memorable event.  Held at Dorsey’s Knob, guests and participants enjoyed  excellent  desserts and an incredible view of the surrounding country-side while listening to Jim Hunt speak  about “From Great to Amazing” that covered how cities deal with growth, revitalization and challenges. 

Officer and Director roster as of June 16, 2013:

Position Name Term Expires
 President  Jonathan Rosenbaum  2015
 1st Vice President  Gloria Sofranko  2015
 2nd Vice President  Nancy Treat  2014
 Secretary  Nancy Key  2015
 Treasurer  Lyndell Millecchia  2014
 Director  Kelly Palmer  2015
 Director  Shirley Rosenbaum  2015
 Director  Linda Yoder  2015
 Director  Cindy O’Brien  2014
 Director  Catherine Lozier  2014
 Director  Don Spencer  2014
 Director (appointed)  Nancy Jamison  2014
Fran Nelson and Gloria Sofranko.

Proposed 2013-2014 Local Program was approved.