Voting Primer for Election Day 2014

League of Women Voters of West Virginia’s website provides the resources you need for Election Day 2014, Tuesday, November 4!
On the right hand side of our website under the “Election Info” links, click on Find Your Polling Place and enter you name and birth date to find your County/Precinct and Polling Location.
Next visit 2014 General Ballot, click on your respective County, and then download the sample ballot for your Precinct.  This ballot looks exactly the same as the one you will be using at your Polling Place.
Review The West Virginia Voter’s Bill of Rights.   If for some reason your voter’s right to request a ballot has been challenged by the poll clerk, reasons for this may include:
  • If the voter’s registration record is not available at the time of the election.
  • If the signature written by the person in the poll book does not correspond with the signature on the registration record.
  • If the registration record indicates any other legal disqualifications
you are permitted to vote using a Provisional Ballot, and you have the legal right under WV Code §3-1-41 to check the status of your Provisional Ballot at the Provisional Ballot Tracking page.
Finally, you will want to watch Election Result Center late into the night!