Video History Leading Up to the 4 Levies for Monongalia County – Primary Election

Here are the four videos that record the history leading up to the 4 levies for Monongalia County that will be on the Primary ballot this May 10. If you only have time to watch one video, the February 24 video covers a lot of the final details.  You may download the correlating agendas at

1. February 3 – public forum

2. February 10 – Mountain Line Transit

3. February 17 – Citizens for Parks and Trails

4. February 24 – Citizens for Parks and Trails – Revisions for Parks and Trails Levy as suggested by
State Auditor’s Office; Monongalia County Volunteer Fireman’s Association; Morgantown Public Library; Youth Baseball and Botanic Gardens Levy

Mountain Line Transit, Citizens for Parks and Trails, Monongalia County Volunteer Fireman’s Association, and Morgantown Public Library levies were approved by the county commissioners and will be on the ballot.

Tom Bloom summarized it this way, if all 4 levies pass, for a $100,000 house you are looking basically at the price of a soda per month. 100k house would roughly equal $28.44/year, $2.37/month, and $.08/day