WV Rivers and League of Women Voters of WV Team Up for Clean Water

On a spring Saturday, a gift sprung and was given to WV Rivers. The League of Women Voters of West Virginia (LWVWV) presented WV Rivers with an $800 check for our Science Fund to help support our water policy research.  WV Rivers’ Executive Director Angie Rosser spoke at LWVWV’s biennial convention in Morgantown about current water policy issues. LWVWV live-streamed the event, you can watch it here.

Members of the LWVWV board present WV Rivers with Science Fund donation at their biennial statewide convention.

“We are deeply grateful to partners like the League of Women Voters of WV who lift us up,” said Angie Rosser. “They stay informed, they get the word out, they raise money to make clean water advocacy possible in West Virginia. I’m totally inspired by the way they put their values in action.”

Angie Rosser and LWVWV Natural Resources Chair Helen Gibbins teaming up at the State Capitol.

LWVWV’s Natural Resources Chair, Helen Gibbins, has been a long-time member of WV Rivers’ Water Policy Workgroup. The workgroup meets monthly to coordinate research and analysis of West Virginia’s most pressing water policy issues.

When WV Rivers has a call to action, Helen is the key conduit for getting things done.

“Helen is a force of nature for preserving our natural resources here in West Virginia,” shared Angie. “She identifies the important questions, creative strategies, and mobilization opportunities to elevate clean water policies at all levels.”

The generous financial gift from LWVWV comes at a critical time. WV Rivers is in the middle of a fundraising drive to raise $25,000 to respond with an urgently needed in-depth study of our human health protections in our water quality standards – the rules that limit the amount of toxins allowed in our drinking water supplies. LWVWV’s donation helped us get closer to our goal, but we still have $10,000 left to go. Please join supporters, like LWVWV, in making your donation today. Together, we can do this!

To learn more about LWVWV’s work, go to: lwvwv.org

To learn more about WV Rivers’ Science Fund drive, go here.

Submitted by WV Rivers