The LWV of West Virginia is excited to introduce a new initiative: a* Legislative Scorecard* that tracks the votes of our state senators and delegates on legislation important to the League. This Scorecard was approved by the Board at the August meeting.
*Interested to know how your state legislators voted on bills to make voting easier, safeguard equal rights, protect children and families, or create a sustainable future? *
The Legislative Scorecard covers each of these League priorities. We assembled and documented ALL the votes of ALL state senators and delegates for 25 bills of interest to the League that became law.
Why do we need a Legislative Scorecard?

The 2023 regular session of the WV Legislature resulted in 333 bills becoming law, too many for anyone to consume easily. A scorecard highlights League priorities. –
We want to hold legislators, regardless of party, accountable for their votes on League priorities. –
We want League members to know how their legislators voted. –
We want voters to be informed about how their legislators are performing. –
We want to establish a framework to repeat for the 2024 and subsequent legislative sessions.
*The full Legislative Scorecard is available on the LWVWV website at <>*
This is the first time LWVWV has had the capacity to develop a product like this. A very special thanks goes to the League Legislative Action Workgroup (LLAW) for all their work to make it happen. LLAW meets every other Monday and has members from across the state including Judy Ball, Joe Golden, Nancy Ulrich, Lyn Widmyer, and myself. Thanks also to Jonathan Rosenbaum for using his technical savvy and expertise to make this new tool accessible and searchable.
We hope you are as excited about this project as we are. Please share with your friends, neighbors and others in your networks who might be interested. And keep an eye out for our next newsletter, which will explain more about the project and discuss more ways you can use the scorecard to *Make Some Noise*.