LWVWV: Make Some Noise on HB 4593!

Here it is, our very first call to action for the 2024 Legislative session!
HB 4593 would require WV First Foundation, the body responsible for disbursing opioid settlement funds, to be subject to the requirements of the Open Governmental Proceedings Act and the Freedom of Information Act
Introduced by: Delegates Summers, Tully, Hanshaw (Mr. Speaker), Pushkin, Hamilton, Petitto, Shamblin, Sheedy, Miller, Rohrbach, and Griffith
West Virginia is expected to receive around $1 billion over the next five years. The LWV believes open and accountable government is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy. The WV First Foundation should establish priorities and make decisions on distribution of funds in a manner that allows residents to view and comment on their proposals. This bill will foster that openness.
MAKE SOME NOISE! Contact your legislators to support this bill! [image: 4f2de4f5-c967-41b5-aaf7-4884d66380ae.png]