MAKE SOME NOISE! Support Constitutional Amendment on Reproductive Rights

A new amendment to the WV Constitution has been proposed to guarantee reproductive rights for WV citizens. The proposed amendment as outlined in HJR (House Joint Resolution) 27 would eliminate the most onerous parts of WV’s near-total abortion ban while still having some limits on reproductive health care.
The LWVWV SUPPORTS this compromise and urges our members to *Make Some Noise*! Tell your Legislators, “Put this issue on the ballot and let the people decide.”
The first step in the process toward a constitutional amendment is consideration of HJR 27 by the House Committee on Health and Human Resources.
*MAKE SOME NOISE* and call or email to ask that HJR 27 be placed on the agenda of the House Committee on Health and Human Resources!
To get to the ballot, HJR 27 needs to achieve a two-thirds majority vote in the House and the Senate. But first it must be considered by the House Committee on Health and Human Resources. The contact information for the chairs and vice chairs is included below as well as a link to the full committee.
Full committee: WV House Health and Human Resources

Del. Amy Summers, Chair
House District 73
(304) 340-3269

Del. Heather Tully, Vice-Chair
House District 49
(304) 340-3269

Del. Mike Pushkin, Minority Chair
House District 54
(304) 340-3106

Del. Ric Griffith, Minority Vice-Chair
House District 27
(304) 340-3355