MAKE SOME NOISE to Protect Transgender Rights

Two bills right now require your attention!
Let’s MAKE SOME NOISE to Protect Transgender Rights!
Oppose SB 515 and HB 5243.
School is often the only safe space for transgender students. We oppose *SB 515* because it would jeopardize that safety. SB 515 requires teachers to report to school administrators any time a student requests to be called a new name or to use different pronouns in class. School administrators are then required to notify the students’ parents or guardians. Let members of the Senate Education Committee know you oppose SB 515. Protect the rights of transgender students in West Virginia!
*Senate Education*
Name District Email Phone
Azinger, Mike 03 – R (304) 357-7970
Boley, Donna J. 03 – R (304) 357-7905
Chapman, Laura Wakim 01 – R (304) 357-7918
Clements, Charles H. 02 – R (304) 357-7827
Deeds, Vince 10 – R (304) 357-7959
Grady, Amy 04 – R (304) 357-7855
Maynard, Mark R. 06 – R (304) 357-7808
Oliverio, Mike 13 – R (304) 357-7919
Plymale, Robert H. 05 – D (304) 357-7937
Roberts, Rollan A. 09 – R (304) 357-7831
Stover, David 09 – R (304) 357-7807
Taylor, Jay 14 – R (304) 357-7914
Trump IV, Charles S. 15 – R (304) 357-7880

*HB 5243* is erroneously named the “Women’s Bill of Rights.” The bill does nothing to protect or enhance the rights of women but would discriminate against transgender people, for example, by banning them using restrooms that align with their gender identity in government buildings. Let the members of the House Judiciary Committee know you oppose HB 5243. The list of members, their emails and phone numbers may be found here:

*Update on SB 468, the Meet Baby Olivia Bill*
We sent you a Make Some Noise message on this very troubling bill requiring 8th graders to watch a fetal development video produced by an anti-abortion group that has been discredited for their misleading and misrepresentative videos. We will keep you informed of SB 468’s progress as it moves through the legislature.
*Revised link for text of HJR 27*
The link we provided in an earlier Make Some Noise notice does not work. Here is another link to HJR 27, a proposal to amend the state constitution to guarantee reproductive rights for WV citizens.