MAKE SOME NOISE to Protect Children & Families in WV

Let’s Make Some Noise to Protect Children & Families in WV!
Contact your senators: Full WV Senate
OPPOSE SB 562, which would expand employment & training requirements for SNAP benefit eligibility.
This would require a new bureaucracy, which is costly, to keep hungry people from getting minimal food benefits. The cost-benefit ratio is not in anyone’s interest.
Presently in Senate Workforce Committee, Committee Contact Phone: 304-357-7920.
OPPOSE SB 614, which is ostensibly to address elementary behavior intervention and safety, as determined K-6 teachers.
Behavioral interventions require funding and expertise that many WV school districts do not have. There is nothing in the bill about ongoing behavioral therapy or how to pay for it. Students would be removed from classrooms and, possibly, their schools, losing equal access to education. Evidence shows that such interventions often target our most vulnerable children — children of color, children from families navigating poverty, children who have experienced trauma. They deserve better.
This bill is on third reading in the Senate, which is the final step before passage.