SUPPORT Medicaid in WV

SUPPORT Medicaid for vulnerable West Virginians!
Some facts about Medicaid:
  • In 1965, Medicaid was enacted to be the Federal-state funded health insurance program for certain low-income people.
  • Because of income levels in WV, hundreds of thousands of our citizens depend on Medicaid for their healthcare.
  • Medicaid is a bargain for WV — the Federal government matches *with multiple dollars* every state dollar that goes into Medicaid.
  • If you aren’t eligible for Medicaid, you benefit too, because Medicaid helps healthcare providers in WV stay in business.

Now, Medicaid is projected to have a $114 million funding gap. Flat budgets, touted by the Governor and others, don’t adapt to rising costs. Some of the ideas being floated in the Legislature to fill the gap will reduce access to health care for Medicaid beneficiaries — children, families, the elderly — and will reduce the Federal match.

Contact the Senate Finance Committee (Chair Sen. Eric Tarr <>) and the House Finance Committee (Chair Del. Vernon Criss <>). Tell them to SUPPORT Medicaid and its beneficiaries — children, families, the elderly — and reject proposed cuts to this vital program.