WV Senate Debate live on PBS

At 8:00 p.m. on Monday, October 18, 2010, tune in to WVPBS to hear a live debate between Becker, Johnson, Manchin and Raese.  WVU Dean of Journalism will moderate the event, and the Morgantown League will be helping out with various activities.

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  • Debbie-Ripley

    Question for Manchin – How do you respond to the allegations in the media that:
    1. ever since you were Sec. of State the formal bid process for purchases over $10,000 were not followed;
    2. you recently called for an independent audit of the Education Dept., yet the State Building Authority that hands out millions of $$$ which is headed up by one of your family members is not included in the audit;
    3. you inappropriately appointed your wife to the State Board of Education when there were no openings available for someone from that district due to the max. # of members that live in that district were already on the Board; &
    4.was the State reimbursed for the use of the State owned planes to travel to out-of-state sporting events?

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