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  • Without disclosure, we don’t know what conflicts of interest our judges may have

    A sitting West Virginia judge, Beth Walker, overturned an important ruling to the benefit of companies her husband owned stock in. Now, her conflict of interest is the center of a case that may be heard by the US Supreme Court. While the Supreme Court decides whether this should have been grounds for her recusal, […]

  • Participate about participation with Vote-by-Mail!

    On October 30, 2012, Morgantown City Council will hear the public’s opinion about whether or not they support the continuation of the Vote by Mail Pilot project at the Committee of the Whole meeting in City Council chambers. Two citizens spoke October 16, 2012 at Morgantown City Council about this issue.  Don Spencer eloquently speaks about participation […]

  • Vote-by-Mail Remarks (Millecchia) – City Council Meeting October 16, 2012

    By Lyndell Millecchia I am speaking in support of the Vote-by-Mail Pilot Program. I really liked the convenience of the 2011 election, and felt it was very successful. Yes, the cost for the first election was unexpectedly high. However, the number of voters was significantly higher than the 2009 traditional election, and the cost per […]